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Every week, a new country will be revealed and added to the collection on opensea

Update: Collection now FULLY revealed. 



Beyond the energetic cityscapes, dramatic skylines, remote mountain villages, and serene oases that characterize the global landscape, lie centuries-old traditions, rich cultural heritage, and unique architecture that distinguishes each nation's identity. A reflection of the diverse yet interconnected tapestry that is our world, the Global DigiHood captures the spirit of humanity in all its forms.


Providing a window into the endless possibilities that exist beyond our everyday lives, the collection offers a glimpse into dynamic countries across the globe, highlighting the traditions, cultures, art, and history that are woven into their fabric. From the smallest villages to bustling metropolises, thought-provoking imagery provides a reflection of the stories, people, and moments in time that differentiate each corner of the world.


When the one-of-one artworks unite in an iconic global collection, we are able to appreciate the beauty and significance of our individual cultures while recognizing the common humanity that we all share - a testament to the boundless creativity and diversity of our species.

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